Hunzinger affair: Özdemir pays dearly

The Green parliamentarian Cem Ozdemir has fully repaid his controversial loan from the Frankfurt PR consultant Moritz Hunzinger. At the same time, the deputy donated claims to 5,200 euros for victims of torture to counter the allegation of unfair interest rate advantage. The leader of the Greens parliamentary group, Rezzo Schlauch, the credit affair explained thus ended. After Özdemir’s statements and his apology reign in the fraction of the opinion “that it, therefore, is enough,” said hose on Thursday after a group meeting in Berlin.

Özdemir had conceded at the weekend, as well as the dismissed Defense Minister Rudolf Scharping ( SPD to have had financial contacts with Hunzinger). He had received in January 1999 by Hunzinger a loan of 80,000 marks, of which he had repaid monthly 2,000 marks since the spring of 1999, he said on Thursday before the fraction.

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Hose said the faction and Ozdemir are joint of the opinion that the credit acceptance was a mistake. Indirectly confirmed the party leader that he had advised Özdemir year ago more than one, to repay the loan as quickly as possible. “If it were up to me, we could have avoided these days.”

Özdemir told the group: “I regret now extremely pleased to have taken a loan from Mr. Hunzinger.” The repayment of the existing outstanding debt in July 2002 he had to rely on Wednesday on. He did not give a sum. Because of the criticism of the low-interest rate of 5.5 percent he had donated a sum of 5,200 euros in addition to the Berlin Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims.

Özdemir: No obligations to Hunzinger

A few days ago Özdemir had announced to donate the difference in case the loan should prove to be too low. On Thursday, he stated that the usual bank rate amounted beginning of 1999, according to information from the bank in his hometown of Ludwigsburg 6.5 percent. In public, however, has been claimed that the normal market interest rate at that time was located 7.5 to 10.5 percent. he had therefore taken the rate of 10.5 percent as the basis for its donation of 5200 euros.

Özdemir again reiterated that he had received no further obligations with the loan. For a panel discussion, which was organized by the Hunziger AG on behalf of Microsoft, he has received recently in 2000 euros, which he had donated directly his party. He also denied allegations that his site had been financed by Microsoft. The limit for notifiable revenue was not exceeded by him.

SPD Hunzinger will question the committee of inquiry

The SPD in Hesse state will question Hunzinger before the black money investigation committee about his ties to Prime Minister Roland Koch (CDU). The SPD parliamentary group announced on Thursday, to submit an application at the next meeting. Hunzinger had published a book of cooking in his Verlag 1998; the high advertising costs aroused the suspicions of covert financing of political parties in the SPD. Bundestag President Wolfgang Thierse had but seen no evidence.

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